A name, like any other name ... NOT!

'Cause you're all special!

We are going to be giving all of our Fringe Volunteers, Artist and staff a funky Fringe Name Badge.  This will be part of your 'Fringe uniform' so this, along with your Fringe T-Shirt and Fringe Button, will set you apart from the crowd!

There will be space on the front to write your name (either real or imaginary...if you've always wanted to call yourself FREE WHEELIN' WILLY, now's your chance!) AND something special .... !

"Oooooo!  Something special?  What IS it?  Tell me, tell me!"

Our intrepid Festival Director and Producer, Michele Gallant and her team of Fringe Ambassadors will be doling out special Commendation stickers to those individuals that give that little extra something.  And it won't be limited to just participating in the Theme Days...oh no!  We'll be giving Commendation stickers for the best smile, for the most helpful Volunteer, etc....just about anything that we notice as something special, we'll give you a sticker.  The stickers will be pasted on your Fringe Name Badge.