Calgary Fringe Theme Days

Who DOESN'T like to dress up?  Each day, a new theme!  Remember to incorporate your Fringe T-shirt in your outfit selections and HAVE FUN!

*  *  *  *  *

Friday, Aug 4: Fiesta Friday!!... hey, it's summer!  It's hot outside!  Let's dig out those grass hula skirts, loud Hawaiin shirts, campy Mexican ponchos and sombreros (over your Fringe T-shirt uniform, of course), leis, beach balls, surf boards, beach umbrella and chair, sand bucket ... heck, even SAND if you want!  It our time for Fun in the Sun!

Saturday, Aug 5:  Beatnik Poetry Day...have the gift of prose (or secretly harboured a desire to wax poetic)?  Have some limerick you've always wanted to share? Now's your chance!  This is the age of cool, baby ... ya dig?

Sunday, Aug 6: It's All About The Hat ...dig out that old fedora or broad rimmed "Kentucky Derby" hat. Dress it up to make it uniquely Fringe.

Monday, Aug 7: Hippy Day...groovy, baby! I'm hip, I'm with it ... you dig? Bring out the beads, bangle, fringe jackets and LOTS of hugs. It's Flower Power Time!

Tuesday, Aug 8: Tutu Tuesday / Pajama Day ... ever have those days where you just want to lounge around in your PJ’s? Cuddle with your favourite stuffed animal? Now you can!  OR you can wear a tutu!  Because who doesn't like wearing tutus??  OR combine both!!  Always fun ...!

Wednesday, Aug 9: Nerd Day ...admit it!  We all have our nerdy side.  Let your inner nerd shine and bring out those pocket protectors, too short pants, and taped glasses!  Today, the nerds rule!

Thursday, Aug 10: 50's Happy Dayz...Heyyyyyy!  Don't be a square!  Guys, grease back your hair, flip up the collar on your leather jacket, and be cool like the Fonz.  Gals, whip your hair up into a pony tail and get on your bobby socks, chiffon scarfs and your best poodle skirt.

Friday, Aug 11:  Punk Rock / Steampunk Day...trad Punk Rock style from the '80's or Steampunk from today.  Rock it out in defiance of the social norms or search for your visual identity (intersect technology with romance, steampunk style).  Express yourself and show that it's okay to be different!.

Saturday, Aug 12: Saturday Night Fever (Disco) ...Boogie Fever has hit the Calgary Fringe!  White polyester jump suits, high heeled platform shoes, lip gloss ... and the need to DANCE!