2018 Calgary Fringe Indoor Theatre Lottery Results!!

Our lottery draw occurred on Thurs, Dec 7 @ 8 pm, MST.  You can re-live the action anytime on our video feed posted on our Facebook Page.

Below are the results from both the 2018 Canadian Association of Fringe Festivals' (CAFF) Touring Lottery and the 2018 Calgary Fringe Lottery draws that will be participating in the 2018 Calgary Fringe:

2018 CAFF Touring Lottery Participants:

Indegenized Indigenous Theatre (St. Albert, AB)

Shawn O'Hara (Victoria, BC)

Devon More Music (Vancouver, BC)

MIND MAGIC Productions (Edmonton, AB)

Colette Kendall (Hamilton, ON)

Peachy Keen Productions (Winnipeg, MN)

Rob Gee (Leicester, UK)

Susan Jeremy (New York, NY, USA)

2018 Calgary Fringe Lottery Participants:

Nicole Zylstra & Sara Simpson (Calgary, AB)

Sizzle & Spark (Calgary, AB)

Seadreamer (Calgary, AB)

Life Stages Theatre (Calgary, AB)

Starcatcher Entertainment (Calgary, AB)

Theatrically Obsessed (Calgary, AB)

Kim Cheel Creations (Airdrie, AB)

Viva Dance Company (Edmonton, AB)

Margin Release (Edmonton, AB)

Singles Awareness Productions (Surrey, BC)

David Eliot / Eliot Entertainment (Kingston, ON)

Bossy Flyer (Long Beach, CA, USA)

Curbside (Long Beach, CA, USA)

Paul Strickland Presents (Covington, KY, USA)

Cathy Schenkelberg (Studio City, CA, USA)

JUST in case any of the selected participants above find themselves unable to participate, here is our wait list (divided into Southern AB, National, and International categories, in lottery draw order of priority):


Daniel Kim (Calgary, AB)

Impromptou (Calgary, AB)

Jesuit 2 Productions (Calgary, AB)


Jim Sands Presents (Vancouver, BC)

Beau Theatre Co. (Winnipeg, MN)

Monster Theatre (Vancouver, BC)

bike circus (Toronto, ON)

The Boy Who Swallowed A Bullet Collective (Toronto, ON)


Elaine Orion (Chicago, IL, USA)

Figment (Oakland, CA, USA)

The Things Is ... Productions (Brooklyn, NY, USA)

Sugar Candy Dynamite Co (Lisbon, Portugal)

The Fourth Wall (Chicopee, MA, USA)

Many thanks to all that participated!  

Any Venue Boutique (aka BYOV) enquiries, please email our Festival Director and Producer at michele@calgaryfringe.ca.